About us

I have received the talents of vocalizing, explanation, distinguishing and making decisions and like to bring related issues to a good end i.e. the highlights on adhering to principles of commitment and colleaguality. My enterprise is often occupied with language interpretations and developments seeing the world changed after the milennium switch of the year 2000 and being concerned about the wide spreading of the Anglo-saxion formulative answers and developments in this region of communcation.
Sometimes the work is by free choice but very often the occupations are about the accessory. Commitments we show in publications on our tools of communication like available web services and site programs and we enjoy keeping up a vision on interactive web communications and the internet as a system.

We cooperate with Microsoft, an existing relation dating of 1980, more recently with google.com, with facebook for the actuality and with Twitter.com on the account birchred. We also got the link to entertainment industry with mgm.com and with our mail account david.clements.mgm@hotmail.com activities join interests.The like we rather enjoy in our productions as pieces of artistic expression.

We keep the davidian ideals as the signals of our inner reality such being of upheavaling identity and we sometimes give poetical impressions like politically to become understood messages. Most of all our occupations safeguard existing relations, in that way sealed like revolutionary. We are market leader in analytical abbreviations.

We quote a friend: 'it is no fun to be interrogated, it is fun to be asked, it becomes fun to be put to the questions.'
But others told me not to do more then you enjoy in. It is pleasant to be loved by a public.

Our main fields of interests are in the European market being a European partner our nationality of origin and operating reference in residence. We got a special function to 'old lady Europa'.

We enjoy being conscious of royal warranty on some pleasant terrains to different households.

The company does not cherish 'token jobs'.

updated site information: http://burr4profiles.wordpress.com (among others).

alternate mail addresses: clemens.blueray@hotmail.com, info@clemensbuur.nl

For account information only: office@clemensbuur.nl

Our language possibilities are in Dutch, German, French and English.

Our joblocation is 'at home' (or what that sometimes could become!)

Our treatment of subjects is stabilizing and calming down upraising one-day-flying.

Though decided to issues of weight our outlooks and preferences lay 'at the bright side'.

site updates: http://clementfriend.wordpress.com

We attach great value to colleguality in business occupations.

The next projects to be expected are the autumn activities, like we got links to agricultural customs and the year knows four seasons.

We are ready to provide for production services on assignment.

Our identity became in one way or the other 'internationalized'.