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Phrenos is a technology company based in Erlangen. Through combine medical and psychological with technical knowledge founded by great enthusiasm we develop digital solutions to analyse mental health. Our solutions includes OurSurvy for companys and MirrorMe for indviduals. The OurSurvy enables resource-saving employee surveys via a smartphone application. The content can be compiled in a modular and company-specific way. One practical example is the support of a mental health risk assessment according to § 5 ArbSchG.  In addition a underlying platform supports employers adminstrative processes.
MirrorMe is a nudging, innovative approach to sensitize individual users to health responsibility in everyday life. The user is guided by a structured self-reflection of epidemiologically health-relevant mental and physical experiences and receives feedback on resources and stressors.

Phrenos improves efficiency, accessibility and outcome for all stakeholders in the mental healthcare.