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Picturepark Studios GmbH

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We provide photo and video production for fashion brands in more than 11 studios in our more than 2,500-square-metre premises in the heart of Hamburg. In this connection, our work focuses on the fashion and lifestyle sector. From the flat shot to the model shot, from the product to the campaign, from advice to implementation: Our integrated concept offers you a reliable as well as a creative partner for the presentation of your products and your brand.

Our concept covers everything from creation, art buying and production up to post production, logistics and all customized, systematic workflows. Because of our comprehensive experience in the e-fashion sector, our clients will receive optimal advice on the presentation and performance of digital visualizations.The expertise acquired here and our love of photography make us a leading partner for e-shop photography, but we will also be pleased to produce classic items such as look books, catalogues, inserts and packaging.