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Pixformance Sports

Über uns

At Pixformance we believe in empowering fitness and rehabilitation professionals in their business work. That’s why we didn’t set out just to build another machine. We wanted to create a new training and business concept that would make high-quality functional training accessible, effective, and fun. 

We spent two years designing and prototyping the Pixformance Station and our platform with experts in sports science, physiotherapy, and hardware and software technology until we had a working version of the world’s most versatile assistive fitness device. We launched in 2013, and continue to evolve the concept, the technology, and our partnerships.

These are the core benefits of the Pixformance Concept:

1. All-in-one: The Pixformance Station is composed of a freestanding physical station (150cm x 85 cm), digital interface, and it includes more than 200 functional training exercises. The in-unit camera scans 26 body points and allows the user to train along with an on-screen professional.

2. Real-time improvement: Continuous feedback allows users to self-correct, which means faster improvement, better strength, and greater confidence in functional training and beyond.

3. Personalized: Create custom sessions or choose from programs made by industry experts on our platform. The station uses precise movement analysis, then delivers data-driven insights, including measurable progress and tips for improvement.

4.) Backed by experts: The Pixformance Station’s 3D-sensing camera is continuously improved by Pixformance developers working with sports and medical professionals to enhance movement and precision.