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Prager Dreifuss AG

Über uns

PRAGER DREIFUSS is one of Switzerland’s leading law firms for commercial law. As an integrated partnership, we are efficiently organized and managed. We offer advice in the areas in which we can provide outstanding quality. We thus strive to find for our clients integrated, innovative solutions that are adapted to legal and economic realities. Our attention is equally focused on legal issues as on controlling business risks. We recognize our clients’ needs and provide services in accordance with the requirements of the mandate. With years of experience and in-depth expertise, PRAGER DREIFUSS is ideally positioned to advise and support international and domestic clients in a wide field of legal matters. For a project, we at PRAGER DREIFUSS form the best qualified team under the leadership of a partner. About 35 lawyers are admitted as attorneys at law or tax experts. Our teams consist of a partner and lawyers of varying seniority, tailored to the project. We thus offer an attractive cost structure. This key account system guarantees the best possible efficiency, short response times and solutions that are tailored to client needs. We provide integrated and interdisciplinary comprehensive answers. All our attorneys acquired additional qualifications in their practice areas and completed studies abroad or work assignments in industry. Ongoing continuing education, either undertaken personally or in the context of our interdisciplinary practice groups, ensures the highest degree of competence even in highly dynamic times.