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We strongly believe that success is not created by chance – success is a result. A result of clear values, strategic objectives, good decisions and consistent implementation.

Since 2002 we have supported international companies in both the goods and services sectors with everything from strategic advice to successful implementation to  systematically create their success.

PROGENIUM is a successful, independent and owner-managed company with offices in Berlin, Munich, London and Shanghai. We align our result-oriented business model, as well as our competences market intelligence, business innovation, differentiation and transformation, consistently with the requirements of clients and their success.

Our outstanding consultants are more than just brilliant analysts and strategists. Above all, they have strong and creative personalities from various backgrounds. Everyone at PROGENIUM is committed to three core values: excellence, reliability and dynamic performance. In combination with our passion these values shape everything we think and do. As a result, we create success for our clients. And we have already delivered sustainable results in more than 500 projects and in over 30 markets.

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