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The noble art of letting go

Outsourcing always seems to be difficult as it gives you the feeling you are letting go your work. With Project SoKo, you can let go of the day-to-day tasks while focusing on what's important. 

Project SoKo is specialized in out- sourcing solutions based on a strong knowledge of project and process management. 

Have you realized that every single task you do in your business can be split into 3 parts: the decision, the execution and the control? Now think about what is the most important and what is the most time-consuming. 

You realize that you are spending most of your time executing while it is not the most important or difficult thing you need to focus on. 

We are offering you the possibility to outsource all this execution to a reliable, affordable resource and to help you organizing the decision and control. It is not about letting go, it is about being smart. 

Our concept

Successful outsourcing depends on 3 factors: the preparation, the resources and the support. Usually, outsourcing companies focus on the resources only, providing staff at a very affordable price. 

Project SoKo focuses on more than affordable resources. We pay great attention to preparation, understanding your needs and designing the best outsourcing plan. This also allows us to assign the best resources possible. Moreover, we provide a continuous support and monitoring, improving and adapting the solutions in place to provide you with the most optimized outsourcing processes.