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About us

Life-endangering microbes have been roaming the Earth for thousands of years. Transmitted by insects to animals, humans and plants they often have disastrous consequences.
 Together with the chemical industry, which is increasingly manufacturing substances with a more selective effect, we have the common goal of controlling those pests capable of causing economic damage and diseases - without disturbing the biological and ecological balance - to protect our living environment from its biological enemies. From the very beginning, pulsFOG has been manufacturing machines and equipment capable of atomising biological and chemical products to create and distribute fine aerosols over large areas. Pulsfogging is used for any pest control task where reduced quantities of active substances should be uniformly distributed even in inaccessible places, without leaving undesirable residues and without ground penetration. It is the task of pest control management to adapt the target-oriented application method (selection of most efficient droplet size) to the various biospheres indoors and outdoors considering climatic conditions and the optimum timing including the selection of suitable active ingredients and formulations. In the hands of the pest control manager and user who is aware of his responsibility, our equipment is a most effective tool and ultimate weapon.

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