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At Railnova we’re changing the way train fleets are managed, maintenance is planned and faults are diagnosed: we provide predictive maintenance and fleet management solutions for all railway fleets. The Railnova all-in-one hardware and software platform enables fleet operators to avoid in-line failures and increase train availability, reduce their preventive maintenance costs and digitise their entire fleet management workflow.

With Railnova, Fleet operators can safely access real-time asset data from their assets, confirm diagnostics in the cloud via rule-based or machine-learning alerts, and dispatch digital work orders to their various internal ERP and MMS systems or subcontractor workflows.

The multi-company Railfleet software fills the gap between asset data and maintenance management systems. Operators, maintainers and lessors can efficiently manage their mixed fleets online, turn asset data into predictive alerts and condition-based maintenance orders, and automate ECM day-to-day management. The Railfleet open APIs enable clients to push work orders to their existing maintenance management systems or their external partner systems.

For more information, go to https://www.railnova.eu/
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