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About us

RheinCell Therapeutics GmbH, a German Industrial Biotech Company, is a relatively young legal entity founded in 2017 based on the developments and experiences gained at academic institutions and predecessor companies over the last 20 years. In its relatively short inception, the company has managed to commence GMP production of its primary product

We specialize in the GMP-compliant generation of human, induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) from HLA homozygous cord blood units. Our main focus is on setting up an iPS master cell bank under GMP conditions. This master cell bank will serve as a key production platform for the "on-demand" generation of various cell therapeutics, such as retinal pigment epithelial cells for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration.

Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of the medically oriented iPSC workflow and is based on our long-standing expertise in human iPSC technology. This includes cellular reprogramming under GMP conditions, GMP/ATMP-grade iPSC expansion and cryopreservation, targeted genetic manipulation (optional) and directed differentiation.

Our interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers is composed of experts in the areas of iPSC technology, stem cell differentiation, cell banking, medicine and GMP production. RheinCell scientists have outstanding expertise in cellular reprogramming and R&D of stem cells at an international level.

RheinCell Therapeutics GmbH

Berghausener Straße 98

40764 Langenfeld (Rheinland)



Phone +49 2173 32820 90 | Fax +49 2173 32820 15

contact@rheincell.de | www.rheincell.de


Amtsgericht Düsseldorf, HRB-Nr. 79735

Geschäftsführer: Jürgen Weißer

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