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Risknowlogy GmbH

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Risknowlogy was established in 2002 with a passion for and experience in risk, reliability, and safety. Since our inception we focus on our core business and select partners to ensure we have the best skills, tools and knowledge on offer today.

At Risknowlogy our mission is clear and unequivocal: to help our clients gain and sustain competitive advantage, and achieve profound, tangible results by achieving a sustainable corporate working environment taking into account risk, reliability and safety. We believe in solutions, which enable your people, products, services and technology to evolve with your business without loosing touch with your community.

Working with our global network of experts, Risknowlogy brings together a unique set of skills on a per project needs basis, which once applied, enable our customers to gain a sustainable competitive edge. Our network structure and our technological solutions enable us to run projects efficiently, without losing quality in the end solution and passing a high ROI onto our clients.

We are the only high value consultants with full service capabilities. That means we can identify our clients risks and implement reliable solutions that increase safety and thus sustainability.