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Rosskopp International GmbH

About us

Rosskopp International brings to the international arena a wealth of experience and expertise in recruiting and identifying talent. We aim to help, advise and achieve the goals of both candidates that seek what is the missing piece in their career & development and companies searching for that missing piece in talent, skill & experience.

Rosskopp International’s key customers range from small start-ups seeking to invest in quality talent as part of their company’s strategy going forward, to multinational corporations that are rapidly growing and extending their market share and seek more specialist talent to take them to the next stage in their development.

@ Companies: Rosskopp International offer an excellent level of service at all times with the aim of building close, long term working partnerships. By offering a tailor-made solution to meet your requirements, we are able to provide companies with a pool of high calibre, specialist and experienced candidates to choose from. Each of our consultants have proven success track records in identifying specialist profiles, who maybe in short-supply or have niche product knowledge and experience. We don’t take our time, we work in a fast and proactive client-orientated approach, which is essential for business- or time/urgent- critical recruitment requirements.

@ Job Seekers: We recognise that looking for a new job or career opportunity can be a dautning prospect - preparing your CV and performing at the interview are the obvious hurdles.  Our specialist team of candidate consultants will help and advise throughout the challenge of the recruitment process. To find out more:

Call us on +49 6725 9988018 or email us

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