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SALMET International GmbH

Über uns

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? We say: Both! 

Salmet provides successful systems for the poultry industry. 

Since 1962, Salmet has designed, manufactured and delivered systems for poultry and laying hens. 

Salmet has superior quality that is established through its own factories which not only offers innovative, and technical solutions, but also continuously tests all of its systems in its own farms. This allows us as an egg producer to constantly develop the highest expectations for our product. 

We install our own systems that we manufacture – with success! 

Competence creates trust. 

In any SALMET system you find 50 years of manufacturing experience, continuous optimization and development providing new solutions. This combination makes us partner with our customers that know its problems, thinks proactively and responds accordingly. 

We take into account whatever current legal-framework conditions, no matter which part of the world.