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SCHEUBLEIN + BAK is based at Sihlberg Castle in Zurich and was founded by Christina Scheublein & Georg Bak in May 2011. The gallery is dedicated to offer acclaimed as well as highly gifted emerging artists a platform to show their work in historic settings beyond the customary white-cube context.

SCHEUBLEIN + BAK is driven by a focus on curating and presenting extraordinary exhibitions with select artistic positions that reflect the cornerstones of the global discourse on contemporary art. By entering in a dialogue with architectures of the past, the exhibitions are designed to lend contemporary art a remarkable aura to radiate in, and to offer artists an innovative platform to market their work. Since 2011 Sihlberg Castle - the former manor house of the famous Swiss brewery family Hürlimann (built in 1898) - serves as the focal location for SCHEUBLEIN + BAK. In 2012 further pop-up locations were added to the exhibition programme such as a turn-of-the-century shipyard in Zurich and a first-generation cinema in the Alps. The permanent gallery at Sihlberg Castle is open by appointment throughout the year.