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SCIO Capital LLP

Über uns

Founded in 2009, SCIO Capital is an independent alternative asset investment manager specialising in European secured private asset-based debt. Driven by our significant asset sourcing capabilities and in-house structuring and securitising expertise, we help our investors achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Our investment philosophy:

  • We believe: a conservative investment approach focused on capital preservation creates the most sustainable value for our investors
  • Our goal: to generate significant total returns while minimising risk
  • Our approach: is driven by thoroughly-developed, proprietary due diligence processes and systems for analytics, underwriting, monitoring and reporting
  • We achieve: alpha by exploiting market inefficiencies mainly caused by illiquidity, regulation and complexity

Why work with us?

Investors benefit by working with us in a number of ways.
  • Extensive network and sourcing capabilities enable investors to access private, bespoke credit opportunities
  • Conservative investment approach enables investors to participate in attractive market opportunities while limiting risk
  • Proprietary tools enable us to actively manage and monitor individual assets with a strong emphasis on risk assessment
  • Transparent and comprehensive reporting
  • Sustainable and co-operative view on business aligns interest with investors as a basis for long-lasting partnerships

Please visit our website for further information, and also refer to our Important legal notice.