SEBIR, S.A. - cold heading wire / Kaltstauchdrähte

About us

SEBIR, right from the outset, has understood that the wire drawing process is vital for proper preparation of the raw materials needed by our customers and by hardware and cold heading sector. For this reason, In SEBIR they are specialized only in manufacturing steel wire for cold heading.  

Its exporting tradition have gained significant ground in Europe, and also export to countries in the Americas and Middle East, while always providing HIGHEST QUALITY wire and a fast and flexible SERVICE.

SEBIR’s values are:

INTEGRITY: Working with honesty, for example, by respecting people, our customers, our supplies, and all of our employees.

ENTHUSIASM: We always approach our work with a large dose of enthusiasm, which, together with teamwork, allow us to solve our customers' problems.

INDEPENDENDENCE: We are an independent private company as part of large steel groups, allowing us to buy the best steel required for parts manufactured by our clients.

SPECIALISATION: Our unique product is cold heading steel wire, which has always enabled us to stay focused on customers with specific needs, while striving to quickly adapt to their changing needs.

QUALITY & INNOVATION: We have always aimed to solve problems for our customers through innovation, by being creative and striving towards ongoing improvement.

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