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SEHLMEYER Consulting

Über uns

SEHLMEYER Consulting connects and assists you as an organization in the Life Science market allowing you to be more effective in sales, marketing and strategic planning.

Our mission with you is symbolized by the Y from our logo.

  • Is your company active in Life Sciences?
  • Do you want to add more value to your current services and products?
  • Are you looking for strategic partnerships, deals or opportunities?
  • Are you looking for additional skills and capabilities?
  • Are you looking for assistance and tools to help you meet your current and future needs?
  • Are you interested in support, which in addition provides sustainable self-help?
  • Do you want your company’s brand to be recognized and valued in Europe?

Interested? Contact us!

Typically we assist organizations like yours by helping to:

GROW through our Business Matchmaking services which include:
  • Support set-up and optimization of sales and marketing.
  • Mediate, negotiate and support strategic partnerships.
UPGRADE through our Recruiting and Training services including:
  • Acquisition of new talent.
  • Develop and training of current employees.
DELIVER through our Project Management  services in areas such as:
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Strategic planning

Through our partners we provide platforms for fast and cost-efficient set-up and operation of your sales-and/or service centers in Europe.

We are connecting partners and clients that are:

  • Life Science companies looking for optimized value generation through sales or marketing.
  • Medium sized Life Science companies interested in optimizing brand recognition.
  • Life Science enterprises searching for strategic partnerships.
  • Companies that want optimization of their processes and structure.

Together with you we are looking forward to:

  • Increase perceived value sustainably!
  • Bring the right people on board!
  • Complete projects more efficiently and on time!
Mutual Benefit, Life Sciences , Molecular Diagnostics, Molecular Biology, Partnerships, Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Customer Service, Business Development, Training, Licensing, Presentation, Negotiation, Patenting, IP, Outsourcing, Analysis, Genomics, Proteomics, Transcriptomics, Sample Prep, Reagents, Consumables, Equipment.

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SEHLMEYER Consulting (Teil der Fa. SEHLMEYER)
Inhaber Dr. Frank Sehlmeyer
Nelkenstrasse 5
76703 Kraichtal



+49 (7250) 33 11 412


+49 (7250) 33 11 413



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