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About us

How Your Sales Team Will Win

Shaman Is the All-in-One Solution for Successful Sales Meetings.

Meetings are the number one tool in most sales processes, but they often don’t get the credit they deserve. Shaman wants to change that. We turn your meeting into a structured process. We give you the tools you need to create repeatable sales-meeting success. Because anyone can be a rainmaker.

With Shaman, your sales team has easy access to all your sales content. Our unique navigation makes it easy to structure a meeting, take the right steps during the meeting in time, add interaction, and have the content with the most impact at your fingertips, all without preparing in advance.

Shaman helps integrate sales meetings into your company. Marketing departments can easily manage their content and get meeting analytics to optimize their content. Sales teams can quickly assemble content to send to clients, create sales reports, and have access to everything discussed in that meeting.


Simply import your existing sales content (such as PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, videos, and photos) into Shaman yourself, develop a storyline, and structure your content. Add users or groups, and publish your content to distribute to your sales team. Updating content is a quick and easy process. Shaman also offers a library feature to control content versioning in all presentations.

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