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Sicap Schweiz AG

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Sicap has been a global leader in software solutions for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) for almost 20 years. Customer Experience Management based on Device Interaction is at the centre of all our solutions. The company’s success and growth root in in our tried and tested products Network Near Solutions, SIM OTA and Mobile Device Management deployed on over 170 live sites worldwide. Sicap's portfolio is truly unique in that it integrates Device & SIM technologies, Network Near Solutions with Big Data Analytics, Campaigning and Advertising forming meaningful End2End solutions that help MNOs achieve superior customer satisfaction, efficiency gains and ARPU increases.

 Operators are looking to manage customer experiences. The start of every customer experience is in the customer’s own hands – the mobile device. Operators must know in real time of changes in their device base and instantly interact with the customers. The operator’s reaction can range from dynamically configuring the SIM card / iSIM / eSIM to sending device settings. The solution is based on a highly scalable multi tenancy architecture, which allows for flexible multi-country operator and group deployments as well as the servicing of MVNOs.

 Sicap has historically been strong integrating with mobile networks and creating solutions near to the mobile network. Solutions include services like USSD menu browsing, gift-SMS and collect SMS services. Voice solutions include services like collect call, vitual numbers, roaming call-back and credit transfer. These services are unified in a single platform that is IMS and now LTE ready.