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Softacom Ltd

Über uns

Softacom is a Belarusian IT-company. We offer services of different-type software development, software implementation and adaptation to meet your needs, using the latest technologies and methodologies.

Softacom is a team of more than 20 professional engineers, programmers, layout designers, web-designers, testers.

Having strong experience of software development for both private and governmental companies, using С#, C++, JavaScript, .NET Framework, Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista/7, COM/DCOM/ActiveX, OLE, Ms SQL Server, Delphi 5/7/x, HTML, XML, XLST, Flash ASP.NET x.x, we’re able to offer you reliable modern software which can effectively influence on your business.

The best quality and compliance with the established deadlines are our company's main priorities. We can offer you profitable conditions on price and terms of payment.

By choosing us you choose reliable solutions for your business.


Softaсom can offer services in the following areas:

* Development of new software; 

* Modification of existing software; 
* Maintenance of software and information systems; 
* Integration of existing business applications; 
* Development of software financial tools; 
* Development of firmware; 
* IT -outsourcing; 
* Advising on development of new, modification of existing or purchasing of 
packaged software; 

Internet-oriented software: 
* Reconstruction and development of websites; 
* Transfer of existing websites to a content management system; 
* Development of internet shops; 
* Development of internal corporate portals; 

* Bank security software; Software for a tech documentation translation; GIS-services (between two geographical objects)

*Application software development to order – desktop utilities, financial and economic oriented software etc.;

* Development of high-profile software for hardware systems such as mini-stations, intrusion and fire alarm systems and access control systems;

* Integration of heterogeneous applications as well as integration of data from different information systems into a single system;

* Creation of corporate internet websites and internet oriented software;

* Current software and information systems maintenance.