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Solid GEAR

Über uns

Solid GEAR is a startup that provides Mobility Software Development and Consulting Services. Our expertise and working method allows us to deliver tailored products and solutions with high quality, reduced time to market and competitive price. ‘We Smile Mobile’ because we turn your ideas into awesome products, empowered by seamless integration with other systems and third parties and leveraging the user experience you wish and you need. 

Solid GEAR is based at the University of Valladolid Campus, Valladolid (Spain). Our team covers multi-platform development expertise in mobile and web technologies (Apple, Android, WP 8, Windows 8), QA, UIX design and systems deployment and maintenance skills. 

Solid GEAR shares mindset, time-zone, currency and European regulations with EU countries and NA corporations. The fact of sharing our EU-environment together with the communications skills of our team provides our customers with a perfect relationship, fluent communication, fast technical support and wide time overlap. This really makes a difference! and our customers appreciate it. 

We work according to what we define as “Solid GEAR’s Method”: we carefully listen to our customers, we understand their needs and we fit the way of working with them. Our first movement is to work out a MVP that allows our customer to see, feel, test and use the product only a few weeks after project kick off. After setting the optimum team, we make use of Agile SW development iterative releases methodologies. But we are not only Agile in SW development, we have an overall agile culture that allows us to react and adapt quickly to new priorities. In order to ensure the highest quality levels, all our teams incorporate QA Engineers that helps to release error free products. 

Solid Gear is ready to be your perfect partner to setup your way towards mobility and our team is eager to face new challenges. As ‘We Smile Mobile’, let us love your idea, let us make it mobile.