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Solutionsacademy -- Speaking GmbH

Über uns

For us, organisational development and human resource development are an integral part of strategy implementation.

We want to know what your business goals are, where you want to go: We work with you toward your goals and customize our approach to what works for you.

In our experience with innovative strategy implementation through training and development, change management and organisational development, it is vital that the right people talk to one another.

Therefore, we provide even more than optimal strategy implementation, we help facilitate "strategy dialogue" that leads to an continuous improvement and agile adaptation of your strategy to the ever changing complexities of the marketplace network.

"It's a moving target ..."

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What we do

We partner and work with you toward solutions in most areas of Human Resource management. Here are some examples:


smoothing a merger intergration
change management
designing a new appraisal interview
work and carry out a new leadership development programm
design and carry out a corporate outplacement programm

conflict resolution
increasing team performance
formation of a new team
goal setting
global virtual teams
Coaching Individuals

job transition
termination conversations
Learning Solutions

train the trainer
solution focused management
coaching training
mentor coaching