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SOMMAIRE BEAUTÉ is a selective distribution company, based in Düsseldorf and specialized in importing exclusive niche brands to Germany.

Our focus is to acquire promising brands which are positioned in the niche market segment regarding their brand identity or product features in order to create an unique portfolio. Beside our strength as a selective cosmetic distribution company, we also put strategic focus on an enduring growth of the brands. An impactful launch strategy as well as a long term marketing strategy are essential to built up a solid pillar in the market. A strong 365° marketing approach is an absolute must for long lasting success. Therefore SOMMAIRE BEAUTÉ sets emphasis on the fields of PR/Social-Media, Trade Marketing, E-commerce and Training with a professional and well experienced network of employees and freelancers.Description

Our Vision is to launch and successfully establish innovative brands with a strong selective sales network and powerful partners within the German market.
It‘s our goal to provide German clients (perfumeries, department stores and online stores) with exclusive cosmetic products to differentiate from other competitors. SOMMAIRE BEAUTÉ puts immense focus on innovation and quality, since we are going to set new impulses, which will be able to influence the development of the market.