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Pioneer the future with dreams and curiosity

Sony is a company that has a rich accumulation of technology in areas such as audio/visual, image sensors, robotics and AI. aibo is an embodiment and a culmination of our technology and creativity. We can also say that aibo is an embodiment of our engineers and our employees’ dreams.

Sony was established by founders who shared a dream and a strong will to enrich people’s lives through the power of technology. From our founders’ dreams and aspirations, Sony has grown over the years connecting more people and their dreams. The result is today’s Sony Group - encompassing Electronics, Entertainment and Financial Services businesses.

Sony strives to deliver rich emotional experiences through our audio and visual Electronics businesses and through movies, music and games from our Entertainment businesses. And through our Financial Services businesses, Sony provides the value of safety and reliability. What is common across our global and diverse business portfolio is that every Sony Group employee shares the purpose to “fill the world with emotion through the power of creativity and technology.”

At Sony, people with varying backgrounds, experiences and characters with their own dreams and curiosity are continuously seeking new ways to fill the world with emotion and deliver new ways to create customer values. They include, engineers and researchers who champion innovation through technology, product managers who match the needs of our customers with such technology, designers who visualize and shape the potential of creativity and technology, global sales and marketing personnel who help to deliver these products to the world, and corporate staff who are invaluable for Sony to operate as a global entity.

Sony offers dynamic career and growth opportunities because we encourage individuals with diverse knowledge and viewpoints to interact with one another in their daily work. At Sony, we believe that the growth of each individual culminates in the growth of the overall company. And there are countless opportunities that arise from Sony’s diverse business portfolio. The field and potential for growth at Sony is vast for those who can see the world from a wide perspective, are serious about making a contribution, and are proactive.

Sony will continue to be a Creative Entertainment Company underpinned by technology and a company that delivers the value of safety and reliability. Our aim is to deliver new customer value in every single one of our businesses while making contributions to society. I look forward to highly motivated individuals applying to Sony so that we can work together to fill the world with emotion and pioneer the future with dreams and curiosity.

Kenichiro Yoshida

President and CEO
Sony Corporation
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