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Sproing Interactive Media GmbH

Über uns

Welcome to Sproing, Austria‘s leading game developer, and a leading independent studio focused on the creation of Free-to-Play games. Founded in 2001, the studio successfully shipped more than 50 console games, and in 2010, began leveraging that experience to become a major creator of Free-to-Play games. The studio’s first browser game, SkyRama, was a massive hit. Soon Silent Hunter Online will be released and the studio recently started to develop the newest browser game based on Asterix for Deutsche Telekom.

Currently Sproing´s team of almost 40 developers is working on several AAA browser, mobile and tablet based Free-to-Play games for various top-tier publishers, and is proud to have successfully worked with partners such as Activision, Bigpoint, Gameforge, Deutsche Telekom and Ubisoft among others. The team is highly passionate about its games and aims to bring fun, deep and exciting gaming experiences to the market.