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About us

Squarell is specialized in CAN bus and vehicle data signals and develops and produces products and solutions for CAN bus and vehicle data processing. We have a vast experience in automotive applications and know-how in interpretation of vehicle signals. Our portfolio is used in automotive, telematics, industrial and off-road.

What can we do for you?

We supply you with easy to use electronic equipment to make full use of CAN bus, vehicle data and diagnose signals. We can advise you how to interpret data, build measurement systems and integrate the system into your application. If required we can develop your solution and deliver it  "Connect & Go"​.

Squarell is based in the Netherlands (Europe), near the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Our customer base spans all continents.

Vehicle data interfaces for advanced fleet data

Squarell offers products to gather reliable vehicle data for your telematics and fleet management solutions.

Vehicle data interfaces
  • FLEX: multi-source vehicle data interface for CAN, J1708 and K-line input
  • SOLID: custom-source vehicle data interface for CAN, J1708 OR K-line input
Default extension for FLEX and SOLID
  • CANcliQ: contactless CAN bus reader

Special Function Devices: add-ons for the FLEX and SOLID

Advanced vehicle data solutions

Squarell helps you solve your most complex telematics and vehicle data challenges. We offer you smart, innovative and future-proof solutions to take your fleet management to the next level.

With Squarell hardware, advanced telematics solutions are possible. The following is just a selection of the wide variety of our solutions.

Contact us for your bespoke solution.


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