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About us

starwings is set to revolutionize the incubator/ accelerator market by democratizing and digitalizing the way transactions between startups and resources happen. 

starwings wants to change the world of startups. We make every participant a potential stakeholder within the startup ecosystem. 

 Why we are doing this? 

At starwings we believe that science and entrepreneurship are the motors that have made humanity prosper. As game changes, entrepreneurs have then taken risks to utilize scientific breakthroughs to drive humanity into a new age of wealth, mobility, peace and health. The world needs entrepreneurs and scientists much more than most people think. We at starwings want to help global innovation to accelerate. 

What are we doing? 

About 90% of all startups fail. But out of the top ten most frequently mentioned reasons for startups failure eight are connected with the lack of access to the right resources. Scientists, startups, experts and other crucial resources are simply not connected with each other. This is where starwings comes in. It is our mission to revolutionize the way tech startups and entrepreneurs access knowhow, money and other resources on a large scale. 

How are we doing this? 

starwings is the world’s first incubation marketplace. We, a team of young and dedicated entrepreneurs to help building global game changers, are the force behind starwings: a blockchain and fintech startup that enables cooperation by connecting startups, experts, investors, companies and scientists. 

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