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STAT-UP -- Statistical Consulting & Services

Über uns

STAT-UP does Statistics. With substantial expertise, reliability and a sense of what really matters.

Statistical consulting solves complex problems in nearly all business branches and fields, on the foundations of credible data. Our every day work involves finding relevant information in data and processing these in a transparent and clear manner. Our main objective is to enable our clients to be able to make fundamental decisions concerning the future success of your company, based on our results and recommendations.

STAT-UP CONSULTING involves everything to do with statistical consulting. Our duty is to help you in collecting data, exploration and interpretation, as well as forecasting. Our methods include a vast variety from all fields of statistics, from biometry, e.g. the analysis of survival probability and statistical genetics, over statistics in economics and social studies, respectively econometrics and financial econometrics e.g. CRM, risk management and demographics and industrial statistics e.g. design of experiments and process control. We also apply interdisciplinary methods (e.g. descriptive statistics, stochastic processes, Bayes-inference, non-parametric statistics, theory of sampling and Monte-Carlo-Simulations).

STAT-UP COACHING consists of workshops and seminars in all fields of statistics and mathematics. Our courses mediate ideas, build links and provide professional knowledge in fields which are highly relevant for in the business world today. We are mainly specialists for R, but we also offer courses covering other statistical software (SPSS, SAS, Minitab, Matlab...).

STAT-UP RESEARCH is a service to provide information especially for decision makers in politics, economics and science. It is not only important to gather substantial facts, but it is also crucial to be able to rely on their interpretation. We will do the necessary researches for you and additionally illustrate what the results and statistics exactly mean. A quality check of your studies is possible as well.

STAT-UP ACADEMICS describes statistical consulting for our clients coming from the academic and research sector. We assist in planning, implementing and evaluating empirical studies. Our emphasis lies on medical and biometric statistics as well as on psychometrical fields.