Strategic Initiatives Group

About us

Strategic Initiatives Group is a planning consultancy that optimizes operating systems for continually better performance of an organization’s people and assets through:
- Unlimited Planning Process (UPP): A dynamic tool to optimize performance with more confidence and less risk. - Unlimited Planning Services (UPS): Collaborative planning, strategy development and flawless execution. - Unlimited Programming (UP): Practically inspiring keynotes and workshops. 
We believe deeply in our Purpose of elevating human performance at work through the design, calibration and activation of an organization’s Unlimited Operating System.
Find your potential for unlimited in under 3 minutes with our Unlimited Survey - Take the survey. 
With clients in EMEA and North America, we have over 15 years of applied experience for manufacturing, tech, professional services, retail, higher education and family-owned businesses. 
Our work is modelled on the three fundamental principles that unleashed the Italian Renaissance - one of the most creative and innovative periods in human history: the unlimited capacity of human potential to become better; the importance of cultural dynamics to support growth and development; the power of ideas and its possibilities for positive change.
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