About us

New York City-based Stratus Prep delivers test preparation and admissions counseling to individuals interested in improving their chances of being accepted into a top MBA program or law school. Founded by Shawn P. O’Connor, a Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School graduate who serves as Chief Executive Officer of Stratus Prep, the firm offers tutoring and test preparation for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). Stratus Prep also includes counseling in order to ready clients for law school or business school and hosts a law school boot camp.

A team of highly accomplished professionals composes Stratus Prep’s staff. The company’s tutors are selected from among those who score in the top one percent on the tests they teach and have at least two years of teaching experience. Stratus Prep presents personalized guidance to college students, college graduates, and professionals desiring to change their career course. Recognized internationally, the company operates in an entrepreneurial setting offering one-of-a-kind mentoring and attention to its clients. Clients have consistently seen their LSAT scores increase by an average of 12 points. Also, 90 percent of clients taking the GMAT score 650 or above.

Additionally, Stratus Prep assists students in need of Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) tutoring. The company extends GRE preparation only through individualized tutoring so a customized plan can be established to ensure the client’s success. Students using the tutoring service prior to GRE testing have scored extremely high on both the quantitative and verbal sections with 90 percent scoring more than 700 on both sections.