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Following several instructive years of working in graphic and industrial design studios, advertising agencies as well as technical product development offices, Studio Novo was founded in May 2005 by Nik Pelzl. A motivating factor behind this step was an experience-driven insight into the fact that enterprises tend to lose sight of the base of their business segments in their daily working processes – a fact consistent throughout all business segments. Consequently, new product concepts, product placements etc. are increasingly developed in impulsive and ill-considered manners which lead to unnecessarily costly and laborious efforts in the market implementation.

The team of Studio Novo – all specialists in the fields of Industrial Design and Communication Design – carefully reconsiders this base in trusting, constructive and long-term based cooperation with our customers in order for them to arrive at a more efficient business base.


The demands aimed at brands, products and services are versatile and highly branch-specific. However, all such demands share one essential aspect – they have to be met.

In order to fully meet a demand, one first must understand it. In order to understand a demand in all its facets, we take it apart. In concrete this means: we analyse our customers; their business history; strategies; target markets and potential target groups of these markets; technical restrictions and financial possibilities; as well as the competition. Only such an approach allows for the identification of content, range of functions, distinguishing features and stylistic elements to form the starting point of the implementation of design.

Our conclusion: in end effect, good design is little more than the result of a solid research and analysis phase.

Design is never arbitrary.