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Suburban Middlesex Insulation

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Trusted by school systems and a wide variety of other organizations for almost two decades, Suburban Middlesex Insulation has built a reputation for high-quality services in demolition, mold remediation, lead removal, and asbestos abatement. Located in Norwood, Massachusetts, and run by Darrell MacLean, Suburban Middlesex Insulation serves most of the New England region. For information about the many services Suburban Middlesex Insulation makes available to its clients, visit Suburban Middlesex Insulation online at

Asbestos, lead, and mold are widespread problems in older schools and buildings, posing serious health concerns. Asbestos is particularly dangerous because it has been linked to certain types of cancer. Suburban Middlesex Insulation provides safe removal of asbestos and asbestos fibers, which are equally harmful, by a team of skilled employees.

Similarly, exposure to lead in old paint and other construction materials creates a significant public health risk. According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, children under six are at the greatest risk of lead poisoning, which can impede normal physical development. Fully aware of the threat that this highly toxic chemical presents, Suburban Middlesex Insulation contractors are knowledgeable in state and federal lead removal regulations and protocols. Suburban Middlesex Insulation employees are also trained and certified in proper lead abatement work practices.

When mold forms, it can quickly multiply inside a workplace, school, or home. The presence of mold spores in a building can negatively affect respiratory functioning, allergies, and even neurological health. Darrell MacLean’s Suburban Middlesex Insulation crew has developed a complete solution for mold remediation and prevention. Suburban Middlesex Insulation surpasses the standards for mold remediation set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In fact, Suburban Middlesex Insulation is one of only a few companies that encourage its clients to take preventative steps by installing HVAC systems. Such systems can help halt further occurrences of mold. In fact, without correct air filtration, condensation can occur, spurring the growth of mold.