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Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) is a global semiconductor design and manufacturing company that develops analog ICs and embedded processors. Together with more than 100, 000 customers, TI creates innovations that shape the future of technology.  TI is helping customers transform the future, today. TI is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The European headquarter is located in Freising, Germany.

TI has literally transformed the world in 80 years. From humble beginnings in Texas oil fields to leadership in global markets, TI has thrived by developing the ideas of its people.

Our contributions to communities and industries around the world are unmatched because of thousands of TI people, including inventors such as Nobel Prize-winner Jack Kilby. Thanks to them, our history includes inventions such as the first commercial silicon transistors, the first integrated circuits and the first electronic hand-held calculator.

Today TI leads the world in analog technologies and embedded processing – the semiconductor pages of the Internet age. TI and its people are setting the pace in global markets such as industrial and automotive.


Committed to a sustainable future

We have big dreams. Just like you. Our history is characterized by the continuous advancement of complex semiconductor technologies aimed at transforming the world again and again. Our commitment to a better tomorrow clearly is the driving force behind all our factors.

Avoiding any shortcuts, we strictly adhere to our convictions and our high ethical standards exemplified by responsible semiconductor production, respectful interaction with our employees and social commitment.  For instance, the company supports social institutions and closely co-operates with technical universities and universities of applied sciences. Furthermore, it participates in the annual Girls’ Day with the purpose of demonstrating the fascination of working in the high-tech industry to female students. All this is fundamental to the success story of Texas Instruments.


Milestones of innovation in decades

Innovation is a thread that runs through everything we do. It not only extends back through the decades but also fuels the cool stuff we have in the works today, enabling future advances.

1950 – invention of the integrated circuit

1960 – the first hand-held calculator

1970 – all computing elements on a single chip

1980 – introduction of the single-chip DSP

1990 – first apps processor for cell phones

2010 – industry’s first 300mm analog wafer fab


Did you know…

  • TI Kilby Labs are global think tanks for innovations of the future.
  • TI has won the Emmy® Awards and an Academy Award for DLP® technology.
  • TI was the first to win the European Quality Award for Business Excellence for the whole region.
  • TI has donated more than $150M in the past five years to help improve science and math education in the U.S. and access to education globally.


Award winning company

Besides innovation awards, TI is also regularly being honoured as an employer. In Germany, TI received the ABSOLVENTA Award for their investment in high quality trainee programs that support and manage the start of New College Graduates into professional life.

TI is very proud to be honoured with this award, especially as hiring New College Graduates is one of TI’s top priorities.


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Learn more about Texas Instruments on ti.com or click here to find out how TI is Engineering the World. 

Also, come engage with over 50,000 Engineers on TI's Engineer-to-Engineer (E2E) Community.

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