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The Center for Counseling and Health Resources Inc.

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An Edmonds, Washington mental healthcare provider that has served the greater Seattle area for almost three decades, the Center for Counseling and Health Resources offers unique approaches to treating a wide variety of addictions and psychological problems, including depression, abuse and trauma issues, eating disorders and the ineffective management of anger, anxiety and stress. The Center (otherwise known as A Place of Hope) also provides comprehensive marriage-and-family counseling services in areas ranging from parenting and child psychology to separation and divorce.

Under the direction of its founder, Dr. Gregg Jantz, the programs and treatment methods sponsored by The Center for Counseling and Health Resources have received endorsements from leaders in the psychological and psychiatric fields, such as Julia Ross, Executive Director of Mill Valley, California’s Recovery Systems Clinic, and respected clinical writer and psychiatrist Dr. Abram Hoffer. Dr. Jantz himself is an internationally recognized mental health professional and the author of over 26 books, including Hope, Help & Healing for Eating Disorders and #hooked: The Pitfalls of Media, Technology, & Social Networking

The Center maintains active memberships in the American Counseling Association, the American Association of Christian Counselors, the Academy of Eating Disorders, and the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals. Featuring a wide range of certified psychologists and therapists, the Center is dedicated to providing individualized care designed to treat the patient as a physical, mental and spiritual whole. At the heart of this “whole-person” approach is a desire to treat the root causes of unhappiness and to stop cycles of perpetual self-abuse.