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The Grande Organization

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Company Overview

The Grande Organization is an integrated company providing real estate and financial services, sports management and training academies, celebrity branding and marketing, wealth management, investment fund sponsorship, and online marketing. As active founding partners in The Grande Organization, Venus and Serena Williams offer a powerful combination of sports and marketing acumen with the commitment and drive that led them to become two of the most influential athletes of this generation.

Service Commitment

Although we are located across industries and in cities around the world, every brand, employee, partner and affiliate of The Grande Organization shares in our commitment to service.

  • The needs of our clients, patrons and guests are anticipated and fulfilled.
  • Staff work as a team to build lasting relationships.
  • We provide quality products and services that deliver the promises of our brand.

Company Values

The Grande Organization strives to exceed expectations for our clients and partners by providing innovative solutions that meet the highest business standards while providing economic and social returns on investments.

Throughout their storied careers, Venus and Serena have followed a creed similar to the core values that our team members embrace. The Grande Organization strives to create a company that supports our team members and provides a distinctly authentic brand. Our values include:

  • The pursuit of excellence through strong teams, superior facilities, and exceptional service.
  • Providing a balance of structure and flexibility that supports employees while also allowing them to exceed the individual needs of each patron.
  • Building relationships and experiences through trust, security, and an intense commitment to service.