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Trixter Film GmbH

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Since 1998, TRIXTER has been creating outstanding visual effects and digital character animation for feature films, television and commercials. From the early days, TRIXTER established itself as a major player in the field of emotive character animation, both for fully computer generated animated features as well as live-action productions. Over the past few years, TRIXTER has expanded its expertise by branching out into visual effects and has recently accomplished some outstanding work for international projects such as Marvel’s The Avengers, Cloud Atlas, Captain America, X-Men: First Class, Journey 2, Green Lantern, Narnia 3, Lilli the Witch, Iron Man 2 and many more.
In Germany we are best known for our contribution to Bully’s Hui Buh and Wickie and the CG character Hektor in Lilli the Witch.

Today, TRIXTER is unique in its ability to provide quality digital production for live action or animated features, in mono or 3D stereo. Whether it be key framed computer generated characters or motion capture driven performances, matte paintings or FX work, TRIXTER has the experience and talent to deliver work of the highest standards. Its community of innovative digital artists and computer technologists collaborate creatively with filmmakers, helping them to bring their vision from the storyboard to the theater and delight audiences around the globe. TRIXTER has offices in Munich, Berlin and Los Angeles

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