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About us

Our Vision

unlocked International GmbH’s foundation is deeply rooted in the growing need of companies to stay internationally competitive in these difficult financial times.

Inspired by the beautiful, international harbor city of Hamburg, Germany, numerous professionals from various fields and countries came together with one goal: to help businesses of all sizes conquer international markets and use cultural differences to their advantage, by giving their product or service the ultimate multilingual e-promotion experience it deserves.

We joined forces to embody the vision of linking businesses and customers worldwide. Our mission is to unlock the economic potential of international expansion and growth for customers like you.

Breaking Cultural Barriers

Our in-country professionals record the performance and behavior of your competitors and analyze your improvement opportunities, from a simple multilingual web page to the complete development and realization of complex internationalization strategies and solutions—we accompany you on your way to international success.

We provide you with valuable input about your industry in foreign countries and equip you with the necessary know-how, so that you may decide which steps need to be taken on your way to international success.

Consult us for a basic product analysis, and then make a well-informed decision on how your product or service can break through geographical and cultural barriers and achieve maximum international exposure.

The Product

In the end, you can expect a high-quality multilingual web presence accompanied by premium ongoing support. A partnership backed by individuals whose goal is to make your product or service known around the world.

Your true international potential has yet to be unlocked.

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