About us

URPEAK is the industry training partner of the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institution (AHLEI) for Switzerland.  In collaboration with the Swiss Hotel Association and AHLEI, the company offers professional education and training covering most of the functions within a hotel from Front Office and Housekeeping to Strategic Management.  The intensive workshops in preparation for AHLEI certification exams are specifically designed to accommodate the needs of hospitality professionals by reducing the time and cost of learning while maintaining the quality of a hospitality management school.  This allows participants to learn in depth about their profession through an interactive but highly structured approach and validate their knowledge through globally recognized professional certification.

For training and consulting projects, URPEAK experts leverage the knowledge and research drawn from their experience in the industry and academia, providing the most informed and effective solutions to clients.

For our business clients in service industries, we provide research-based consulting in areas such as talent management, revenue management, service profit chain, hospitality operations and management, etc. We also deliver training and certifications for tourism and hospitality industry professionals.

For private clients or individuals, we provide professional education to the highest international standards that will lead to obtaining globally recognized AHLEI certifications. 

Our workshops led by certified instructors are designed to help hotels improve the services that they offer by increasing overall knowledge and professionalism.  Your individual employees will gain knowledge, improve their skills, and be motivated by an AHLEI certification that demonstrates commitment and confirms a high level of professionalism.  Investing in training will result in far-reaching benefits that will touch every aspect of your operation.  
Workshops are scheduled throughout the year in major Swiss cities, and are also available online.  In the case that a property might require collective training and certification of front-line employees, we would be able to deliver a workshop on-site.

To apply online for courses, visit the URPEAK website:  www.urpeak.ch/en/certification.  

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