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Vertical Search Works

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Possessing more than 10 years of experience with semantic search technology, Vertical Search Works debuted two unique advertising programs that are receiving positive reviews from both advertisers and publishers. Vertical Search Works, a search and advertising firm formed by the merger of Firstlight Online Limited and Convera Corporation, developed VSW FeatureLink and VSW Search to drive incremental revenue for publishers and help advertisers maximize the return on their investments. With VSW FeatureLink, Vertical Search Works transforms text link ads into eye-catching advertisements with images, logos, or videos. In addition to looking more appealing and giving viewers a clear idea of what each link offers, VSW FeatureLink ads utilize advanced semantic search technology that Vertical Search Works pioneered to reach viewers highly likely to respond to targeted advertising. With VSW FeatureLink, advertisers never have to engage in research or keyword bidding and only pay a flat rate when viewers click their ads. VSW FeatureLink complements Google AdWords and other advertising programs as opposed to competing with them, and Vertical Search Works provides advertisers with transparent online performance metrics for efficient campaign tracking. Moreover, Vertical Search Works offers intuitive Web tools that enable simple VSW FeatureLink ad creation online. VSW FeatureLink also makes it possible for publishers to display ads that possess more visual appeal and relate directly to the content on their pages. Vertical Search Works applies semantic search engine technology to pair content pages with editorially relevant advertisements, increasing the frequency of viewer clicks and, ultimately, publisher revenues. A user-friendly search tool that increases page views and engagement, VSW Search retains viewers who would otherwise leave publisher sites to use outside search engines. Publishers may also place existing ad inventory on the search engine results page to generate additional ad impressions. VSW Search integrates seamlessly into page content and provides publishers with a host of valuable benefits.