About us

VisoTech is Europe‘s leading fully automated power trading and energy technology platform. Our platform is trusted and relied on by companies of all types and sizes from industry giants such as Deutsche Bahn, Iberdrola, Rosneft and OMV to local utility providers and trading companies.

 In times of increased volatility and trading volume in combination with declining margins, energy market participants need fully automated, cost efficient and effective trading solutions. VisoTech’s Periotheus Suite and the autoTRADER provide energy and trading companies with an effective one-stop-shop platform supporting their entire value chain.

 VisoTech’s competitive edge:

  • One stop shop solution platform and fully integrated platform including ETRM and Scheduling & Marketing Communication
  • Fully scalable for all company sizes and cloud-compatible
  • Optimized for energy trading of the future based on 24x7 autonomous and simultaneous trading in milliseconds
  • Best-in-class energy trading algorithms soon to be AI-powered

Since the foundation of VisoTech in 1999, we have been dedicated to supporting our customers with demand-driven response times, unique and elegant design as well as unrivalled usability. We are continuing to improve the best in class trading algorithms making them AI-powered and positioning our platform to connect decentralized energy production with liberalised energy markets including those based on blockchain technology.

VisoTech is hiring – please visit our website at www.visotech.com to check out available positions

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