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Voipfuture develops leading edge technology for monitoring and analyzing voice quality in IP networks. It enables communication service providers and large enterprises to control and evaluate their network performance as well as the quality of their Voice over IP services. Through our technology, we provide our customers with deep insight into their networks, delivering them the root causes and not just the symptoms of performance problems. Furthermore, we aim to protect our customers from impaired real-time traffic entering their domains, by enabling voice quality assurance at the network borders. Our technology is an essential building block of any network management solution, providing all the information required for proactive and effective network and voice service management.

VOIPFUTURE’s advanced monitoring products are characterized by high performance, precision and vendor independence. Their integration into existing IT infrastructures is eased through the use of standard server hardware from major vendors. Our unique software technology provides for an exceptional scalability making the products applicable to a wide range of network environments from enterprise branch sites to major interconnection points and complete carrier networks. Flexible deployment options provide for various applications including VoIP troubleshooting, network performance optimization, customer care applications, interconnection peering and customer SLA monitoring. Our products’ open interfaces allow tight integration with existing network management solutions and customer experience management systems.