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W-tec AG

Über uns

wtec is a private owned German IT corporation with an international footprint and a strong global customer base. The HQ is located in Bad Homburg, 8 miles from the German metropolis of Frankfurt am Main – in the heart of Europe.

Founded 1989 as an IT service company, wtec has become tremendously successful over the last years whilst transforming into a manufacturer of innovative and energy efficient lighting structure. Its best in class product line includes the revolutionary smartengine that utilizes the traditional IT infrastructure to reduce up to 90% energy cost.

Today, wtec`s core business is split into 4 business units:
- smartengine
- Datacenter
- Retail Services
- IT Infrastructure Services

Our subsidiaries are present in Prague, CZ, London, UK and San Jose, CA.

We work hard as a team to achieve our and our customer`s goals. By upholding our principles – honesty, integrity and mutual trust – we set the standard of quality which distinguishes wtec as a company as well as our employees. 

Going beyond is not a matter of success but a matter of enthusiasm and obsession in our daily life.