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Zattoo is designing the future of television, live and on demand. Our vision of a new TV experience is independent from location, time and device. We build Apps for mobile, web and big screen on platforms like Apple, Android, Samsung, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One and many more.

Since our start in 2006, we bring a huge selection of sport events, movies and TV series to the favorite devices of our users. In addition, our B2B team delivers TV and VOD solutions to cable operators, internet service providers and many others, thus positioning Zattoo as a top notch technology partner.

We are growing and we are always looking for new team members. If you like space for creativity and ideas, if you prefer an atmosphere of continuous learning and the possibility to become a specialist or even an expert, the Zattoo team is the right place for you. We have a culture of embracing mistakes as a measure of learning and a very respectful style of working together. At Zattoo we can be ourselves and simply do what we are best at.

Zürich | Berlin | Ann Arbor

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