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Application process rating

  • 3.55

    Rated by 23 applicants.

  • 3.96

    The response to my application was satisfactory.

  • 3.65

    I received a swift response to my application.

  • 3.68

    I knew what to expect.

  • 3.64

    The interview was well prepared and conducted professionally.

  • 3.64

    I was provided with a lot of information about the vacancy.

  • 3.95

    The interview was friendly and relaxed.

  • 3.59

    I was treated with respect.

  • 3.55

    My questions were dealt with in a satisfactory manner.

  • 3.59

    The next steps were explained to me.

  • 3.35

    I received a positive or negative response in good time.

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