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Liganova - The BrandRetail Company

About us

LIGANOVA creates seamless brand, product and service experiences in step with the zeitgeist. 

The BrandRetail Company LIGANOVA stands for sales-effective, cross-linked brand communication at the cutting edge. 

We merge the digital and physical worlds and use the resulting opportunities to create a seamless brand product and service experience®.

In future, the sole reason for the Point of Sale’s existence will be to transform into the Point of Experience. 

To manage this experience, our areas of competence are networked in a focused manner. LIGANOVA is part of the ZEITGEIST GROUP. The ZEITGEIST GROUP develops companies that are devoted to the interaction between people, brands and products in interconnected spaces. 

In what we believe: There have only been a few moments in history when the zeitgeist offered unique opportunities to a generation of young creatives, braves, innovators, entrepreneurs and crazy characters. Now, when we are all challenged to close the gap between a physical and a digital world, and brand and retail become one – the moment has come to tap into the zeitgeist. 

To think big! To be brave! 
To be crazy! 
To be intrapreneurial! 
To be entrepreneurial! 

 So be you! 


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