XING Event Market is being discontinued in January 2023

After more than 10 years on our platform, the XING Event Market will close its doors in January 2023. This closure affects all the event promotion products on XING, including event pages and Event Plus along with its retargeting options such as personal event invitations and event reminders.

Why is the Event Market being discontinued?

At the end of 2021, New Work SE introduced a change of strategy, shifting from an online business network to a job community with a greater focus on job happiness and career guidance. With this in mind, each product and service was reviewed in terms of viability for the new strategy. In the end, the decision was made to discontinue two offerings: the XING Event Market and XING Groups (More details are available here). By contrast, XING will add new and appealing offerings to its portfolio, so stay tuned for further details.

Thanks for the great events!

We’d like to thank all the event organisers and attendees for more than a decade of trust in the Event Market. Your creative and inspiring events have given us unforgettable memories we will look back on fondly. You can continue using the Event Market and all its features until the end of the year.

We wish you all the best with your future events.
The XING Events team

Information for event organisers

Information for attendees