New Austrian School of Economics - The Theory of Money, Credit and Banking
Starts: Sat, 24-03-12 (CET) Ends: Mon, 02-04-12 (CEST)
Munich, München, DE
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New Austrian School of Economics - The Theory of Money, Credit and Banking

New Austrian School of Economics

The Austrian Theory of Money, Credit and Banking

Prof. Antal E. Fekete

Presentation of the Gold & Silver Basis and Cobasis Theory
Guest Lecturers: 
Sandeep Jaitly (United Kingdom, Fund Manager,
Keith Weiner (United States of America, Entrepreneur)

When & Where:
March 24 - April 2, 2012 in Munich
(Lectures: 10am - 12pm and 4pm - 6pm)

The New Austrian School of Economics is a series of lectures established by Professor Antal E. Fekete which examines a branch of economic science mainly based on the work of Carl Menger (1840-1921) and the theories of Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich August von Hayek.   

Professor Antal E. Fekete is an expert on monetary science. 
In 1984 the American Institute of Economic Research in Massachusetts appointed him to the Committee of Monetary Research and Education to spend a year as visiting fellow. After one year he was invited by Congressman William E. Dannemeyer to work in Washington D.C. on fiscal and monetary reform of the United States. 
More about Antal E. Fekete: 

The seminar is intended for everybody interested in the Austrian theory of money, credit and banking. 

Antal E. Fekete will present the Austrian perspective on the instability of the monetary system with particular emphasis on the repercussion of the lasting financial and economic crisis.

Further discussion will address the current sovereign debt crisis as well as the probability of a world-wide credit and currency collapse which is not addressed in the mainstream financial media.
He also discusses fiscal and monetary reforms with special regard to his real bills doctrine and gold bonds based on his broad knowledge of the historical and current role of gold and silver in the monetary system.  

Professor Antal E. Fekete, together with his co-lecturers Sandeep Jaitly and Keith Weiner, will provide guidance for both private and institutional investors on how to allocate assets in volatile markets with a medium to long term perspective. 

Other topics:
  • The Phenomenon of Economic Resonance
  • The Linkage of Long-Wave Cycles
  • Why Silver?
  • Monetary Control of the Economy -  Flattening of the Yield Curve

The seminar is usually visited by 30 - 40 people from around the world.

The participation fee for the ten day seminar will be EUR 1,100. 

Students currently enrolled and under the age of 30 will receive a scholarship reducing the tuition fee to EUR 100 for the complete seminar. Five out of ten scholarships were already provided.

Space is limited and is expected to fill up quickly.

The fee includes German VAT and covers tuition and non-alcoholic drinks during the lectures as well as printed lecture notes.

A shorter participation e.g. for only a couple of days is also possible. Of course, these participants will receive all printed lecture notes. 
The tuition fee can be reduced appropriately.

Hotels and restaurants are within walking distance and you will receive a list of suggestions.

In order to sign up for the seminar or request further information please feel free to contact the organizers - Ludwig Karl and Wilhelm Rabenstein - via email: 


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Papers of Professor Antal E. Fekete can be found here:

What Alan Greenspan says on gold and economic freedom: 
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