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Ecolabel for Aircraft

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In 2019 EASA started work on a labeling system for the aviation industry. What is the latest outcome? The lecture explains the definition of an "Ecolabel for Aircraft" as proposed by HAW Hamburg. Based on this definition, commonly used passenger aircraft are evaluated, which leads to straight advice for travelers.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter Scholz, MSME (HAW Hamburg):

"Ecolabel for Aircraft"

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Ecolabel for Aircraft


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter Scholz, MSME, HAW Hamburg

Thursday, 04.06.2020, 18:00 Uhr

Online (Zoom): https://purl.org/ProfScholz/zoom/2020-06-04

DGLR lecture in cooperation with RAeS, VDI, ZAL and HAW Hamburg



In 2019 EASA started work on a definition of a labeling system for the aviation industry. Work with students at HAW Hamburg lead to a definition of an Ecolabel for Aircraft already in 2017. The lecture reports on international progress with reporting and labeling schemes related to aircraft. The HAW Hamburg definition of an Ecolabel for Aircraft is explained, based on which commonly used passenger aircraft are evaluated. This leads to straight advice for travelers about what to observe when booking a flight in order to limit the environmental footprint.



With IPCC Reports, "Fridays for Future", and "Flygsham", the aviation industry is getting increasingly nervous. This started activities at the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), where selected "aviation stakeholders" have come together and concluded: "Citizens receive very little information on the actual aviation environmental performance. Furthermore, the information provided is frequently inconsistent and contradictory, as many measures and calculation methods exist." "As shown in other industries, an environmental label is an effective tool for communicating environmental performance." EASA engages now with member states, industry, and NGOs to develop the concept of an environmental label as "an effective tool for communicating environmental performance". A "stakeholder workshop" took place on 24th October 2019 at EASA in Cologne to discuss "metrics, graphical concepts and communication elements around environmental labeling for aviation." (EASA 2019, Real 2019)


Definition of an Ecolabel for Aircraft:

Work at HAW Hamburg led to the definition of an Ecolabel for Aircraft which was presented in 2017 at the German Aerospace Conference. The proposed label follows requirements from ISO 14020 Series: Environmental labels and declarations. The label considers

=>   Resource depletion (fuel burn)

=>   Global warming (fuel burn)

=>   Local air quality (NOx) based on ozone formation potential and particulate matter formation

=>   Noise

For more details please see Scholz 2017 below.


Results and Advice:

Modern propeller driven aircraft have the lowest environmental impact. Passengers should select a flight with an efficient aircraft operated by an airline that carries a large number of passengers in the plane and typically shows a high load factor. Obviously, a ticket in the economy class should be booked, because the aircraft's fuel burn is allocated to each passenger based on the cabin floor area the passenger occupies.




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Real, Kerry, 2019: Climate action is Sweden's shame. In: Flight International, 10-16 September 2019, pp. 28-31

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