Electricity from wind energy is a significant and growing contributor to sustainable energy production all over the world. The coexistence of wind turbines with systems using radiowaves is a major concern however. Because of their size, complex composition and fast rotating blades, the impact of wind turbines on radiowaves is difficult to predict. To mitigate the wind turbine impacts on radar signatures, to differentiate the Doppler signature of a UAV from the one of a wind turbine, to anticipate the effects of a wind farm on a radiowave-based system, to exclude wind turbine signatures from meteorological forecasts are among the many problems that must be addressed. This year's EMWT® 21 specialist meeting, held in Zürich, Switzerland, is the opportunity to gather experts and researchers in this area of expertise for fruitful discussions and sharing ideas. For more information please the website of the event at


Covered topics are:

  • Electromagnetic wave propagation 
  • Electromagnetic characterisation of wind turbines
  • UAV based measurements
  • Passive and active radars 
  • Doppler signatures
  • VOR and other NAVAIDs
  • Multilateration systems
  • Direction finding
  • Weather radar
  • Wind profiler
  • Microwave links
  • Interference measurements with electromagnetic wave propagation and waveforms
  • Numerical simulations of interferences