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Europe and Brexit - Back to the Future?

International University Bad Honnef, Bad Honnef, GermanyMap
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Europe and Brexit - Back to the Future?

Europe and Brexit, Back to the Future? This is the question our panel discussion will deal with on November 20th at IUBH. Europe and Great Britain have been in discussions since 2017 and after long negotiations, they settled a date for Great Britain to leave the European Union. But will it be a hard Brexit, or will they come to an agreement? The biggest fear for the UK is that the slowing of economic growth might cause many banks and companies to move their headquarters out if the country. So, ‘What is Europe?’ ‘What impact does Brexit have on Europe?’ and ‘What will the situation look like after Great Britain actually leaves the EU?’ these and further questions about Europe and Brexit we want discuss with You and our dialogue partners: 

Jochen Pöttgen: (Head of the Regional Representation of the European Commission Bonn) 

Prof. Dr. Christof Mandry: (
German Theologian, Ethicist and Professor)

Armin Heider: (
Division Manager International of the Chamber of Commerce IHK Bonn/ Rhein-Sieg)

We want to end the evening with a get-together and the opportunity to network. We look forward to your participation and an exiting discussion. 


Business +/- Ethics Dialogue 

The Business +/- Ethics dialogue is an annual event that is performed by the Catholic Social Institution (KSI) Siegburg, IUBH International University of Bad Honnef and the IHK Bonn/Rhein-Sieg. During the event, representatives of fields such as, economy, society, politics and education will discuss current developments and their impacts interactively with the audience. The objective of this dialogue series is to bring current, but also quite controversial topics into the public focus, as well as to debate new solutions and perspectives concerning urgent questions.

The organisational implementation is carried out by the ‘International Event Management’ students of IUBH Bad Honnef.

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